Panoramic and Cirkut photography makes use of historic cameras in a modern context to capture natural and man-made landscapes.

Rob has recently entered into a limited partnership with master Cirkut photographer Gordon Roth to provide the specialized type of group photography that only the Cirkut camera can. Of course there are modern small format cameras that are being used and touted as equivalent or better, but nothing offers the fidelity, resolution, and tradition that these classics can reveal. Mr. Roth, as a consummate professional, also offers modern lens collimation for Cirkut photography use and custom gear cutting to match the collimated lens.

Lake Solitude Dam

The Solitude Dam was built in 1909 in front of an earlier dam, which is submerged and silted over now. It forms Lake Solitude in High Bridge, New Jersey by impounding the South Branch of the Raritan River. It and its predecessor were used to power America's oldest iron foundry, the Taylor Wharton Iron Works, which supplied cannon balls to the Revolution and train wheels throughout the Civil War.

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