Rob Tucher provides professional photographic documentation services to the exacting standards of the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) and the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER).

He has built a huge collection of archival black & white large-format images of historic structures for clients such as:

  • Departments of Transportation

  • Engineering Firms

  • Architects

  • Developers
HABS/HAER Standards
Much of Rob's work has been directed to the Prints and Photographs Division (Architecture, Design, and Engineering Collections) of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC and he has completed hundreds of documents to HABS/HAER Standards of every type of historic structure.

Film vs. Digital
There are specialties within professional photography that can gain from digital capture but there are areas that can actually be hurt by an over-reliance on technology.  More

Historic Engineering
Historic Engineering Photography

Visual documentation of processes and the way things work such as bridges, factories, mines, etc.  More

Historic Architecture
Historic Architecture Photography

Visual documentation of the way things are built showing the architect's vision within the finished structure.  More

Architectural/Industrial Photography

Visual documentation of new or historic structures to assist owners in selling, renovating or adapting for re-use.  More

Panoramic/Cirkut Photography

Using historic cameras in a modern context to capture natural and man-made landscapes.  More

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